Log of U.S.S Vermont: 1/24/1863-12/17/1863

uss vermont log
Log of U.S.S Vermont: 1/24/1863-12/17/1863
10/25/2021 15:56:55
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Log of U.S.S Vermont: 1/24/1863-12/17/1863
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This is a log of the positioning throughout the course of each day of the U.S.S Vermont over almost a years time. The chart which is printed in full and completed by hand, shows the name of the ship commander, the direction that the ship is traveling in each hour of every day, as well as general remarks for each day. The direction of the ship is not listed in precise degrees on a compass, but rather by North, South, East, and West, subdivided further on occasion by NE, NW, SE, and SW. Something I found interesting when observing this dataset, is that there are records for 398 total days, when the time period between the first and last record is only 327 days. I would need to examine this dataset further to determine where this discrepancy lies
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The United States Navy (data provided by NOAA)
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Unknown (likely and officer on the ship) was not noted anywhere on the log
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Direction of ship is not specific enough to extrapolate exact positioning. There is also no data that shows general ship position at beginning of day and end of day. The creator of this data set also left blank several data fields, most notably the field titled "Knots." displaying the ship speed each hour. This data point would also be crucial for determining the ships position. The text in this dataset is also very difficult for me to decipher.
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I chose an image of two full days, March 6th and 7th of 1863. The image is 5616 × 3744, large enough to be able to read the smallest handwriting.