Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Widows: Kemper County, Jackson, Mississippi

Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Widows: Kemper County, Jackson, Mississippi
10/7/2021 14:41:37
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Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Widows: Kemper County, MISS0066D, Series 1215, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi
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This artifact is an enumeration of the surviving soldiers, sailors, and widows who served the Confederate State of Mississippi during the American Civil War. In particular, this data set contains information of those living in Kemper County, Mississippi during the year 1932, in which they are subdivided by supervisor's district number (of which there are five).
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1 or less hours
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This is particularly interesting, as comparing the various enumeration data sets county by county, it is clear that this template was specifically designed and organized for counties with smaller populations, primarily seen through the fact that each sheet could only hold the data points of 22 people (whereas other larger counties would have upwards of 100 datum).
Individual who created data (if known or guessable).
While not explicitly stated, it could be inferred from context that it would most likely be some state surveyor due to the data sets uniformity compared to neighboring counties.
Shortcomings of this taxonomy for data set (if any)
While it may not be explicitly a shortcoming, a reason I found this particular data set to be worthy of exploring is the somewhat provisional manner in which the totals per district are counted. When looking at larger counties, the space in which the total counts of each sheet have a designated space below, whereas in a smaller county such as this, it is clear that the totals are just filled into an empty name space. Not only does it fail to include a formalized space for the totals in the dataset, but in the field "Soldier, Sailor, or Widow" I noticed several instances of 'Servant' being written, which surely is due to some miscommunication between those organizing this dataset template and those collecting the information.
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This is a good example of a well-populated sheet from the dataset, which while not exemplifying the aforementioned 'Servant' miscommunication, shows the calculation of the total count of people at the bottom.