Comedie Francaise, ticket receipts

Comedie Francaise, ticket receipts
10/5/2021 12:53:52
URL for full object!/registres/dix-huiti%C3%A8me/recettes
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Comedie Francaise (had a hard time finding it because it was in French)
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According to their website, this daily receipt register is the only archive that spans the entire century from 1680 to 1793. It is critical that these are well maintained because it allows the programming of the theatre to be reconstructed. The registers do not change too much - they cover the same expenses for the most part, but there are slight variations in the registers (such as daily expenditures, dates and titles of the plays). Occassionally, the cast of the seasons of plays are mentioned, but there are no roles of the actors and actresses. Some interesting notes I made when skimming through the receipts are: The receipts seem to be handwritten for the most part. There are some notes on the back of certain receipts as well.
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100 hours - most of it is the same (in terms of columns)
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Comedie Francaise
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Comedie Francaise (people in this organization and group)
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Not necessarily a shortcoming but some of the receipts have actors listed for how many plays they were in, whereas others don't.
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Pretty standard receipt. Almost looks like one we would receive for something today. The columns are well defined, and it follows a pretty standard convention of receipts. It was quite easy to read considering that it's more than 300 years old