Steamship purchase ledger from Rosenbaum bank, 1893-94

Steamship purchase ledger from Rosenbaum bank, 1893-94
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Rosenbaum Volume 03 1894,Subseries 1.3: M. Rosenbaum and Co. ledgers, 1890-1934 HIAS Pennsylvania Records, SCRC 94, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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This artifact is a ledger book from M. Rosenbaum and Co, a private bank established in 1885 by Morris Rosenbaum, an Austro-Hungarian immigrant. It was common for banks catering primarily to immigrants like M. Rosenbaum and Co to also sell steamship boat tickets to passengers travelling to and from America. The ledger contains descriptions of such ticket purchases, and includes not just details about the passenger, but also the person who purchased the tickets. The purchaser is often a member of the same family who are settled in America and are paying for the cost of bringing their family from Europe to America.
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M. Rosenbaum and Co.
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Could use a field for direct or connecting trip, since the general remarks field seem to be primarily used for it.
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The image I have chosen is the last non-empty page of the ledger. Most of the other pages are full and do not leave as much empty spaces.