Convict Leasing Records from Tracy City, Tennesse between 1870-1896

Convict Leasing Records from Tracy City, Tennesse between 1870-1896
10/7/2021 18:49:46
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“Tracy City Convict Leasing Project.” Accessed 2021.
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Between 1870 and 1896, the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company utilized convict labor from Tracy City to feed their blast furnaces and as dogsbodies around the industrial facilities. The work was brutal and highly dangerous, as shown by the "injuries" column on some sheets. These men were essentially slaves to the corporation, as they never saw a penny from their labor or received any compensation for injury or death from their time spent with the Coal and Iron Company. The records tracked age, "color", county, crime, sentence commencement, length of term, height, weight, eye color, hair color, and marks
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