This is course work for the fall 2021 offering of the History of Big Data at NYU. I'm incredibly grateful to a large number of archivists, librarians, historians, and others who provided suggestions on Twitter: you can read a number of those below the form below. This course be offered again--if you wish to suggest another dataset for students to write about, please suggest it here.


I asked online for some leads on digitized archives. Here are possibilities to check out, or which might serve as inspiration for more places to look. My thanks to everyone who suggested something here! (Note--this is an extensive list of multiple archives, worth reading through if you're not sure what you're looking for.) A note on this one--it lists a bunch of libraries that have created high-quality digital images in a format called IIIF we'll be exploring later. So these might be places to click a link and then put "register", "ledger", "cards", etc. into a search box.